We are D & H, Daniel and Hayden, 12th grade students at the Polytechnic School in Pasadena, CA. We, along with our engineering class and several students from nearby Blair High School, intend to build a Lifetrac from the plans of Open Source Ecology. We will donate the tractor to The South Central Farmers Cooperative, for use on their 120 acre farm in Shafter, CA.

Our rationale for taking on this project is three pronged. By being among the first- and the first high school aged students- to replicate the Lifetrac, we are doing a service to the Open Ecology Project, and, consequently, may be helping change the future of agriculture everywhere. Our project will, likewise, benefit the South Central Farmers, who are eager to experiment with open source agricultural technology. Finally, bringing a project like this to the Polytechnic School (and, in a smaller degree to Blair High School) will provide aspiring engineers with a chance to use their skills in the field before leaving for college.

Here is our mention on Open Source Ecology’s “Replication Page” Also, here is Open Source Ecology’s rationale for the LifeTrac.